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G&J Distillers from Quintessential Brands

G&J Distillers from Quintessential Brands

Address:G&J Distillers
Melbury Park
Clayton Road,
Telephone:01925 286400

G&J Distillers, owned by Quintessential Brands Group. G&J Distillers is the world’s foremost gin distilling company with over 260 years of heritage and expertise, distilling gins since 1761.

No one’s been distilling gin for longer than G&J and we’re proud to be the world’s second largest gin distiller, producing 40% of the gin consumed in the UK. We’re also honoured to be the reigning International Spirits Challenge Gin Producer of the Year, an accolade that the company is proud to have won four times since 2015.

Quintessential Brands’ portfolio of premium gin brands – which includes flagship brand, Greenall’s, Opihr, BLOOM, Thomas Dakin and Berkeley Square Gin – are distilled at G&J Distillers, overseen by one of the industry’s leading Master Distillers, Joanne Moore.

Joanne’s reputation in the industry is second to none and she has played an integral role in the gin resurgence of the last decade, creating gins that have brought thousands of consumers to the category through what she calls ‘mindful innovation’ – innovation that is respectful of the rich heritage, craftsmanship and traditions of gin, whilst also showcasing gin’s versatility and complementing its intrinsic juniper character.

In addition, G&J Distillers is entrusted by some of the world’s leading retailers to make their own label and private label gins, with a dedicated ‘Spirits Solutions’ liquid development team working with customers to create gins and other white spirits that meet today’s shoppers needs.

G&J Distillers has been at the very heart of the gin industry for centuries thanks to the craftmanship and skill of the team passed down through the years. Today, G&J Distillers remains at the cutting edge of the industry with a dynamic innovation and liquid development team, modern bottling and logistics facilities, enabling them to provide customers with the widest choice of outstanding quality white spirits at all price points and in all formats; the Quintessential Brands and the Quintessential Spirits Solutions.