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Puddingstone Distillery

In January 2014 Ben and Kate Marston decided to realise their vision for a gin brand that took the spirit into the great outdoors and environments where they had previously shared their best G&T experiences. With that, Campfire Gin and Puddingstone Distillery were born. After 18 months of research, recipe development, property hunting and brand creation they opened Hertfordshire’s first ever gin distillery producing small batches from their 200l litre and 50l stills, named respectively after female adventurers, Amelia Earhart and Isabella Lucy Bird. Their 3 core gins, London Dry, Cask Aged and Navy Strength have received critical acclaim from gin experts, journalists and consumers, picking up international awards and The Independents “Spirit of the Month’ accolade within months of launching.

All processes, from botanical preparation, distillation, bottling and labelling are undertaken on site with all three core gins being distilled in accordance to the London Dry criteria. Aside from the cask aging process, there are no additions to these gins post distillation. The team have a strong focus on adopting heritage styles as the base for product development, adding their own unique twist. Don’t expect to see any of what they refer to as “fruity alcopop” styles emerging from the distillery any time soon.

Reflecting their ethos of not only connecting people with the outdoor environment but working to conserve it, the team at Puddingstone Distillery have collaborated with the Hertfordshire and Middlesex Wildlife Trust creating the worlds first gin to incorporate a non-native, invasive plant species (Himalayan Balsam,) into it’s botanical line up. This special Summer Edition gin, coloured by the inclusion of it’s unique botanical is ‘Pink for a Purpose’, raising awareness of the problems caused by Himalayan Balsam, generating funds for the Wildlife Trust and helping clear it from local waterways.

Address:Artisan Unit 1,
P E Mead & Sons Farmshop,
Lower Icknield Way,
HP23 4NT
Telephone:01442 502033

Puddingstone Distillery Gin Brands

Campfire Cask Aged

Based on their Navy Strength botanical loading, The team at Puddingstone Distillery reduce their new make spirit to “cask strength” before resting in American Oak, ex-bourbon casks from Kings County Distillery (New York State) for a period that ensures this remarkable spirit imparts enough character from the cask whilst remaining a gin at heart. A mixologist and “neat sippers” dream.

Campfire London Dry Gin

Fresh orange and juniper take the lead in this complex London Dry that pitches itself on the boundary between classic and contemporary. Angelica contributes a subtle earthiness, with rich mid notes imparted by rooibos and golden berry. A lingering sweet, slightly floral, juniper palate lingers after each sip. A stunning Martini Gin. ADI 2017 Bronze Medal Winner IWSC 2018 Silver…

Campfire Navy Strength

Whilst the botanicals remain anchored to that of our London Dry, the quantities and pre distillation treatments are adjusted to give you big bold flavours and aromas that balance out the heady 57% ABV. This not only coats your palate, it caresses the inside of your whole head. 2017 London Craft Distilling Expo “Gin of the Year”