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Back in 2013, the industry thought Pinkster were bonkers to contemplate making gin with fresh fruit. It’s a fiddly business and not worth the hassle, they said. Well, thank heavens, they persevered.  Partly out of naivety but largely because they weren’t prepared to compromise on quality. Fast forward and pink spirits are all the rage.  However, as the veritable pink pioneer, they’re busy encouraging gin lovers to focus on the flavour rather than just the colour.

Their delicate flavour comes from the fact that they use raspberries. Real ones. The ones that grow on bushes.The core spirit is distilled to their own recipe before they macerate with an additional three botanicals, including the raspberries. Best of all, they recycle them, albeit slightly intoxicated, as Boozy Berries, Gin Jam, and Pinkster Royale. They only produce Pinkster during the summer cropping season.

Address:Ginmeister Ltd,
Top Farm Barn,
Fowlmere Road,
CB22 7PG
Telephone:01763 849 739

Pinkster Brands

Pinkster Gin

Pinkster is distilled with heaps of juniper before a second maceration with fresh local raspberries which not only mellow the edges of the juniper but turn the gin pink. The balance between the juniper and the raspberries is delicate but this is first and foremost a dry gin with juniper being predominant. No sugar is added and any sweetness comes…

Naked Pinkster Gin

Distilled with triple the normal amounts of Juniper and only 4 other botanicals. It is was designed as the base gin for Pinkster Gin and is in effect Pinkster without the fresh raspberries; hence the name Naked Pinkster. Gold award winner for Best London Dry at the prestigious Gin Masters 2021. Pinkster naked. It’s what’s underneath that counts.