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Kobenhavn Klassik (Copenhagen Classic) Gin bottle from Nordic Gin House

København Klassisk Gin

Balanced with coriander, angelica root, thyme, cardamom, and something so distinct as pine and liquorice root. But most importantly: distilled with a remarkably high quality of alcohol, which brings this product all the way to the top end of high-quality gin. With one of the highest levels of juniper berries in the world, københavn klassisk gin is delivering flavours the…
Kobenhavn Navy Strength (Copenhagen Navy Strength) Gin bottle from Nordic Gin House

København Navy Strength Gin

The history of Navy Strength dates back to around the beginning of the 19th century, when British sailors were to conquer and fight other countries. In order to survive the war, the sailors demanded strong alcohol. At that time, however, it was not always easy to validate the gin’s alcohol percentage, so the sailors found out that if they could…