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Masons Yorkshire Gin Ltd

Karl Mason sent his wife a message on Facebook one Friday requesting a G&T when he got home from work. This simple comment led to friends posting pictures of them having G&T’s, so he created a group to share the pictures.

The group went a little viral, and within 12 months he had 10,000 followers. It wasn’t long before gin companies started knocking on his door with free samples to promote to his audience.

This led to Karl trying the majority of gins available and coming to the conclusion too many of the newly launched gins tasted the same – ‘Could I do better and create a new gin that really is different?’ he thought.

He took that thought and set about on the second part of this great journey, which has included national & regional TV, radio & press coverage, as well as a showcase at the British ambassador’s Paris residence.

So does no experience, a passion for a good gin & tonic, and social media make launching your own gin brand easy?

Definitely not, it took a lot of time and hard work, but the end result is Masons Yorkshire Gin, and we think it’s worth it.

Address:Masons Distillery,
74 Bedale Road,
North Yorkshire,
Telephone:01677 426467

Masons Yorkshire Gin Ltd Gin Brands:

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin – Lavender Edition

Dry lavender notes upon the nose, creating a rather soft and subtle experience, followed by a slight fennel aroma. Soft texture once onto the palate, with a fresh candied lavender sweet flavour dominating. Rather subtle across the senses, with anise…

Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin – Tea Edition

Dry notes of Yorkshire tea are present on the nose, with fresh, light hits as the aromas swirl around. Delicate and fresh upon the palate, with a slight citrus sharpness hitting the senses. Plenty of dry Yorkshire tea notes blast…

Masons Original Yorkshire Gin

Light fennel upon the nose with fresh, damp grass notes mixed with soft juniper, lime and orange rind, leading to a subtle pepper finish. On the palate, a ripe aniseed start, becoming sweet with fresh, bold citrus flavours including deep…

Masons Yorkshire Gin Ltd:

Masons Distillery

With its traditional distillation method, Harrogate spring water and just the right balance of juniper, citrus elements and secret botanicals the team at Masons have finally created a distinctly unique gin they are proud to call Masons Yorkshire Gin. Having…