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Martin Miller’s Gin

Martin Miller’s Gin

Address:Westbourne Studios
242, Acklam Road
W10 5JJ
Telephone:+44 (0) 207 3528697

Launched in 1999, Martin Miller’s Gin is distilled in pot stills in England and shipped to Iceland, where it is mixed with Icelandic spring water.

Martin Miller’s Gin was one of the first super-premium gins on the market and is widely recognised for its part in the Gin Renaissance.

Founders Martin Miller, David Bromige and Andreas Versteegh created the brand in 1999 after ordering a gin which left much to be desired.

The tepid gin & tonic which they had been served with hardly any ice and a limp slice of lemon convinced the trio to embark on a mad idea to ‘create the finest gin money could buy, whatever the cost’ and it wasn’t long before that mad idea was hailed as genius.

In January 2018, Spanish drinks group Zamora Group Company purchased a majority stake in Martin Miller’s Gin.