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Jacob Rieger & Company was founded in 1887 in Kansas City’s West Bottoms Livestock Exchange district.

The brand offered over 100 alcoholic products and took pride in maintaining a quarter of a million unique customers by offering mail-order delivery services.

In 1919, Prohibition was enacted by the federal government and wasn’t reversed until 1933.

J. Rieger & Co. was a casualty at the time, but was not destined to be lost forever. Now, a century after Prohibition, we are proud once again to call Kansas City home.

Address:2700 Guinotte Ave.
Kansas City,
MO 64120
Telephone:+1 816 702 7800

J. Rieger & Co:

J. Rieger & Co Distillery

Our distillery is located at 2700 Guinotte Ave. in the Electric Park neighbourhood of Kansas City. (We are NOT at 1924 Main St. That is the historic Rieger Hotel building. ‍Allow extra travel time as we are located directly next to active train tracks. Follow the Electric Park detour signs should you get stuck at a train crossing. Free parking…