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il Boccone Bar

Created by il Boccone Bar, Constance
Distilled by Florian Faude

The story of “B. my Gin “is that of a friendship: Three men make the gin that suits them. They opt for finely tuned, regional ingredients, get a competent distiller on board and look for a suitable name.

Address:il Boccone
Gaststättenbetriebs GmbH
Bodanstrasse. 20-26
78462 Constance
Telephone:+49 7531 284 6744

il Boccone Bar Gin Brands

B my Gin

Locally grown botanicals, each one meticulously chosen for their flavours properties to create the perfect taste. Enjoy it pure on ice or a with a citrus or herbal tonic in order to experience the full characteristics. Founder of the Gin are three friends running a bar with the largest selection of gins in South Germany and a young distiller known…