Hope Distillery

Hope Distillery

Address:7 Hopkins Street,
Salt River,
Cape Town
South Africa
Telephone:+27 (0)21 447 1950

Hope Distillery is a small-batch distillery in Salt River, Cape Town, set up by ex-lawyer Lucy Beard and Leigh Lisk.

The South African couple had been working as lawyers in London for nearly 15 years before abandoning the rat race to follow the sun. They eventually found their way back home, to South Africa – after falling in love with gin in the Mediterranean – and refurbished a rundown warehouse in the heart of industrial Salt River, creating the Mother City’s first artisanal distillery.

The two of them work (and live) in this urban haven, dedicating their lives to the age old process of batch distillation with their faithful stills – Mildred, Mouma and Maude (the first stills to be licensed in the City of Cape Town) – who have recently been joined by Mad Mary, a beautiful copper pot still.

They distil three flagship Hope Gins, two from grain and the third from grape, and also design and distil gins for other Cape Town brands.