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Hernö Gin is the world’s leading and most awarded craft gin producer. Proud pioneers who started the first gin distillery in Sweden back in 2011.

It all began with a passion for the juniper predominant spirit and a dream evolving to gin crafting.

A journey that took Hernö Gin’s founder Jon Hillgren to places and gin distilleries all around the world in his thirst for knowledge and search for inspiration.

Finally settling in the small village of Dala just outside Härnösand in the High Coast of Sweden.

Address:Dala 152,
871 93
Telephone:+46 611 505 770

Hernö Gin Brands

Herno Gin Bottle

Hernö Dry Gin

Crafted from natural and carefully selected organic botanicals, Hernö Dry Gin is a round and smooth London dry gin diluted to 40.5% ABV. Hernö Dry Gin is awarded with IWSC World’s best London Dry Gin and World’s best Gin & Tonic but is also very enjoyable on its own.
Hernö Navy Strength Gin Bottle

Hernö Navy Strength Gin

Hernö Navy Strength Gin, a bold flagship rich in flavour, is made from the same distilled gin as Hernö Gin, but diluted to 57% instead of 40,5%. The difference in aroma and taste is very clear and Hernö Navy Strength has an overall richer flavour with bolder juniper and spices.
Hernö Slow Sloe Gin

Hernö Slow Sloe Gin

Interpretations by Hernö Gin is a collectors series of gin with a creative twist. With their fifth interpretation 2021, Hernö Slow Sloe Gin, they wanted to stretch both time and themselves further with the mindset Good things take time. They let their Hernö Dry Gin mature for four months with ripe sloe berries to create their Hernö Sloe Gin, then…

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Herno Gin Winter

Hernö Gin distillery

In 2014 Hernö built a new distillery and a visitor centre with the new copper still Marit in the centre of everybody's attention. Hernö offers a Gin Bistro (open summertime only) and daily distillery tours and tastings.
Jon Hillgren, Hernö Gin

Jon Hillgren, Hernö Gin

Homage to juniper: how Jon Hillgren set out to make one of the world’s best gins and succeeded Working as a bartender in London in the late 1990s at the start of gin’s renaissance, Jon Hillgren fell in love with the spirit’s classical juniper-forward flavour.  He dreamed of creating a gin that was among the best in the world and eventually started…