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Griffiths Brothers Gin

Griffiths Brothers Gin are a family run distillery in the Buckinghamshire village of Penn Street, deep in the Chiltern Hills. It started out as a challenge between two brothers. Could they create a gin from scratch that would impress family and friends?

It soon became an obsession for the two of them and they set their sights a little higher – They wanted to produce the best hand-crafted gin around.

So, they looked for a proper home for their still. They found a 1930s aircraft factory, converted into industrial units which had some disused storage space which rapidly became Buckinghamshire’s first micro distillery.

Address:Unit 2 H Penn Street Works
Penn Street,

Griffiths Brothers Gin Brands:

Griffiths Brothers Gin

The Griffiths Brothers Distillery is an English small-batch producer of super-premium, cold-distilled gin. From Penn Street, deep in the Chiltern hills, the distillery produces its original, multi-award winning and its gold-medal winning No.2 gins. The pioneering, family-run distillery was founded by brothers Alex and Drew…

Griffiths Brothers No.2 gin

From Penn Street, deep in the Chiltern hills, the Griffiths Brothers distillery produces its gold-medal winning No.2 gin. This is an Export-strength gin packed with flavour. Soft juniper and grapefruit give way to a herbaceous edge with warm spice and a…

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Griffiths Brothers Distillery

alexSoon Griffiths Brothers will be moving to a brand new distillery still in Penn Street in Amersham where they will have room for a bar and tasting room. They will then be running a full set of tours and events.

Meet our distiller

Alex Griffiths, Griffiths Brothers Gin

Alex Griffiths, Griffiths Brothers Gin

From wartime Mosquitos to award-winning gins Tucked away in the Chiltern village of Penn Street is Buckinghamshire’s first micro-distillery. On the site of the wartime factory where parts for the legendary Mosquito fighter-bombers were manufactured, Griffiths Brothers Gin has enjoyed an…