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El-Bart was founded by James Sceats 1851-1903, a wine and spirit merchant with offices in Bishopsgate London in the 1890s.

In 1898 James, with his partner Basil Willis, purchased the Camberwell Distillery of Addington Square Camberwell London.

It was here James conceived the recipe that would become El-Bart Gin.

El-Bart became the best-selling London Gin in the USA across the first half of the 20th century. Operating from the famous Flat Iron Building in New York, El-Bart was the house gin of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and the basis of the world’s most influential cocktail recipe book by Hugo Ensslin of the Wallick Hotel.

Sadly, James passed away in 1903 and he never lived to see the success of his recipe, but the Sceats family reclaimed the recipe and revived the family business.

The El-Bart Gin (Camberwell Distillery) Company has resumed production of the gin, made to the original 1898 recipe.

Address:Camberwell Distillery
Camberwell Business Centre
99-103 Lomond Grove
United Kingdom

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El-Bart Gin

El-Bart triple distilled London dry gin is created using a blend of four classic botanicals. This easy-drinking gin is for tonic and cocktails made to the original James Sceats 1898 recipe. Founded by James Sceats of the Camberwell Distillery in 1898. Sceats & Willis Gin became known as El-Bart Gin in the USA in 1904. Its four botanical recipe rediscovered…

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Camberwell Distillery

The team produce El-Bart Gin in an artisanal manner, using the best still and the best botanicals available. Their bottles come with an additional back-label setting out their history and a unique bottle-hanger based on a US military “Dog Tag” with the actual batch number so they can date every bottle they produce. They expect these tags will be showing…