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Edelwhite Gin

Edelwhite Gin

Address:Edelwhite Gin AG
Rinderberg 6
6166 Hasle
Telephone:+41 76 417 47 27

Canadian Barb Grossenbacher distills award-winning Edelwhite Gin and Vodka in Ebnet, a small village between Lucerne and Bern. She picks the regional ingredients from wild gardens and meadows in Entlebuch.

At the age of 50, Barb decided to follow her heart and take a wine and spirits course. She originally wanted to distill 4 bottles of gin for her thesis.

This project gave rise to Edelwhite Gin AG, which produces high-quality spirits with care, passion and respect for nature and the ingredients.

Barb founded Edelwhite Gin at the age of 56. Since 2020 she has distilled all Edelwhite products herself. She coordinates all steps from collecting the botanicals and distillation to bottling and distribution.

Of course, this includes quality control before the product goes to customers.

Just like ships, stills always have a name. Barb’s is called Snow White – and that was also the codename Barb and Sandra used for their secret gin recipe when they talked about it in person or exchanged emails. A small guardian angel sits on the still in memory of Sandra’s passion for Edelwhite Gin.