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Durham Gin Ltd

The North East’s first small batch craft Gin distillery and the first legal Distillery in Durham since the reign of Henry VIII. Their Distiller, Jess, makes everything by hand, with a 400L copper pot still. Their Durham Gin is available nationally through Majestic Wines, and they also produce a limited release Cask Aged Gin, aged for 8mths in Bourbon and Sherry Barrels.

Address:Langley Park,
Telephone:0780 923 8481

Durham Gin Ltd Brands:

Durham Gin

Slightly floral and aromatic nose, smooth, with a prickle of pink peppercorn and a long dry finish. Distinctive notes of elderflower, pepper and celery

Durham Cask Aged Gin

Honey and Vanilla, intense Gin spices, long dry finish.

Further information:

Durham Distillery

Founded in 2014 by Jon Chadwick, Durham Distillery was born after enjoying a fair amount of craft spirits along America’s East Coast, Ivy League University towns. Jon decided to put his skills to use setting up the North-East’s first distillery…

Meet our distiller

Jon Chadwick, Durham Distillery

Jon Chadwick, Durham Distillery

Founded in 2014, the North-East’s first distillery was established by Jon Chadwick in his hometown of Durham, initially launching with its signature Durham Gin. Jon wanted to stay true to gin’s traditional characteristics whilst offering a reflection of the city…