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Durham Distillery (USA)

Since 2013, Durham Distillery has been rethinking how to make great spirits that both embody and pioneer the New South.

The answer: equal parts art and science. The result: world-class gins and liqueurs that put the New South on the map.

Originally scientists, Melissa and Lee Katrincic combine honoured, gin-making traditions with techniques borrowed from modern chemistry to create spirits that are both classic and contemporary.

While Melissa manages Durham Distillery’s business and marketing operations, Lee manages the Durham Distillery “lab” and is in charge of spirit production.

Address:711 Washington St
North Carolina

Durham Distillery (USA) Brands

Conniption American Dry Gin bottle

Conniption American Dry Gin

Conniption American Dry is made by using a novel two-step process that gives botanicals, like Indian coriander, angelica root, and cardamom, a sophisticated footing with juniper. Next, the fresh and floral notes of cucumber and honeysuckle flowers are individually vacuum distilled at room temperature and blended into the gin base for a refreshingly modern flavour profile, that is supremely clean,…
Conniption Navy Strength Gin Bottle

Conniption Navy Strength Gin

Conniption Navy Strength gin starts with a botanical base of Indian coriander, cardamom, caraway, rosemary and bay leaf that are juxtaposed with the depth of juniper and sweet accents of lemon. Dried figs that have been vacuum distilled at room temperature, and without heat, are then blended into the gin thereby rounding out the intensity resulting in a deliciously bright…
Durham Distillery's Conniption Kinship Gin Bottle

Conniption Kinship Gin

Introducing the newest Conniption Gin where science meets art in a delicious, modern gin with a beautiful indigo hue. NATURE'S ART. CONNIPTION'S SCIENCE. KINDRED SPIRITS. Conniption Kinship Gin starts with the vapour-distilled botanical base of juniper, Indian coriander, cardamom, liquorice root, angelica root and bitter orange. Delicate botanicals of fresh orange and lemon peels, honeysuckle flowers and peeled, ripe cucumbers are…

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