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Distillerie Saint Gervais Mont Blanc

Distillerie Saint Gervais Mont Blanc

Address:Route du Prarion

In 2017 with two 100L copper pot stills from Hoga in Portugal James Abbott created his distillery in the foothills of the Mont Blanc Mountain, considered to be at the highest altitude in Western Europe.

Apprenticed by the great Tom Nichol (Tanqueray), he learned everything he knows during their time together, and in tribute named one of the stills “Brave Tom”.

Gin du Mont Blanc, created by the pair, has an alcohol content of 43.6%. It’s a small celebration of their friendship, because at the time, James was 43 and Tom was 63. All 8 botanicals are sourced within 5 hours drive from the distillery, and 50% of them are from the mountain itself.