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Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin is led by Kathy Caton and Helen Chesshire (Rectifier in The Gin Guild) who are, they believe, the world’s first female gin-distilling duo (try saying that after a couple of gins!).

They are committed to creating the finest quality gin, sourcing locally and from within Great Britain wherever they can. Brighton Gin is sustainable, handcrafted and ethical, and above all else, they adore what they do, and they do it with pride.

At Brighton’s first (legal) distillery they produce their award-winning gin in small batches using 100% British organic wheat grain spirit, and botanicals including juniper, the peel of fresh oranges and limes, locally grown coriander seed and milk thistle, indigenous to the South Downs and well-known for its liver-cleansing properties.

Address:Brighton Spirits Company
1st Floor The Cyclehub
109 Stroudley Road
Telephone:01273 448 092

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Brighton Gin

Brighton Gin, whose botanicals include angelica, lime and milk thistle (well-known for cleansing the liver – helping you to detox as you tox, so to speak), makes a deeply refreshing G&T. They recommend serving it with a slice of orange…