Gin Producers

Bramley and Gage Ltd

At Bramley and Gage they started making liqueurs over 20 years ago on their fruit farm in South Devon.

The lessons learnt in growing fruit still guide their production in Gloucestershire today, from letting it ripen fully and naturally on the bush, to using only the varieties that give the best flavour.

They still make all the products themselves, by hand. We use only real, whole, fruit, sourced as locally as possible. The production process ensures that as much of the natural flavour, freshness, and colour of the fruit as possible is retained

They distil their own multi-award winning Six O’clock Gin in a 200L copper still called Kathleen.

Address:C6 Ashville Park,
Short Way,
BS35 3UU
Telephone:01454 418046

Bramley and Gage Ltd Brands:

6 O’clock Gin

Bramley & Gage Six o’clock Gin

This gin offers a wonderfully traditional character and there are fresh citrus and lovely notes of elderflower. It is a powerful gin when tasting in the mouth with great depth of flavour. Super and full floral backing. Fresh yet soothing. Small batch copper stilled it is full flavoured but beautifully balanced. Long and full flavoured finish where the floral notes are strongly evident. Balance, poise and precision; three very important attributes in the mind of engineer and inventor Edward Kain. With meticulous attention to detail he created mechanical works of art, documented in blueprints that are still treasured today.

Bramley & Gage Sloe Gin

This is a traditionally produced Sloe gin, which is made by steeping sloes from the local area in Bramley and Gage gin and sugar. It has a full deep colour and has a smooth and rich almost almond-like and plum flavour, and it is noted to be significantly drier than most other sloe gins, which are considered fairly sweet. This sloe gin is hand made in the traditional way, in small batches, using hand picked, wild, hedgerow sloes. They are use their own Six O'clock gin which uses amongst other ingredients juniper, cardamom and coriander. The intense dry flavour of this traditional classic can only be achieved by using a high sloe to gin ratio, moderate sugar, then patiently and slowly maturing to produce a drink where the fruit is the predominant flavour. A countryside favourite and hip flask filler, Sloe Gin is wonderfully warming drunk neat and widely enjoyed as an essential cocktail ingredient.

Further information:

Six o’clock Gin Distillery

The Six o'clock Gin Distillery tour gives you unparalleled access to Bristol's only distillery. With the help of an expert guide you will meet Kathleen, the unique "double bubble" still used by the distillers and experience the steps the gin making process goes through from botanicals selection to the bottling process. Find out how they craft their artisan while-fruit liqueurs - the whole process is covered from field to bottle. Discover the secrets to their robust sloe gin and how they can get damson gin so clear. Your evening will include a tutored tasting and a glass of "Ginspiration." Check for tour dates and times Important information: Tours are usually on the second Monday of each month and start at 6 O'clock and usually last about an hour and a half. Where: Bramley and Gage Ltd., C6 Ashville Park, Short Way, Thornbury, BS35 3UU. Tickets: admission is £16.50 per adult & includes a distillery tour, tutored tasting and a glass of 6 O'clock Gin & tonic or a liqueur of your choice.  Each tour is limited to 12 people Accessibility: Please note that our still is located on a Meazzanine up 2 flights of stairs and we don't possess a lift. Age…