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Black Button Distilling

Black Button Distilling President/Head Distiller Jason Barrett worked alongside his grandfather in his family’s Rochester, NY button factory, where suit buttons worn by Presidents, Popes, Kings, and businessmen the world over have been produced for four generations.

Barrett began brewing beer in college and realized his dream of opening a distillery while working as a business consultant in Washington DC.

After attending several distilling schools across the country, he returned to Rochester, NY and in 2014 officially opened the first craft distillery in the city since prohibition.

Black Button Distilling, founded in 2012 by Barrett at only 24 years old, pays homage to his grandfather and the world he knew – where real men worked hard and drank real pot distilled whiskey.

Address:85 Railroad Street,
NY 14609
Telephone:+001 585-730-4512

Black Button Distilling Gin Brands

Black Button Barrel Reserve Citrus Forward Gin

Black Button Barrel Reserve Gin holds a special place in the Black Button team's hearts. The combination of our two true small batch distilling loves. The bright fresh pop of the Citrus Forward Gin, and the smooth subtle woody notes that only a bourbon barrel can supply. Honey colored, juniper on the nose and citrus tones abound bringing this spirit…

Black Button Citrus Forward Gin

Black Button Gin has subtle hints of juniper with an orange zest overtone that brings a fresh new twist to this old classic. Gin and juniper go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly, but who wants to be smacked in the face with a Christmas tree?

Garden Gin

Every year Black Button Distilling and the New York Wine and Culinary Centre are present a collaborative Garden Gin- and this is the gin for 2016. With balanced botanicals and a smooth finish this is the perfect gin for a classic Gin and Tonic or the modern Bee's Knees.

Lilac Gin

Made once a year in a small batch each flower petal is steeped and distilled and recombined to create a light, delicate flavor. Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender and Lilac as well as Juniper, Coriander and a myriad of other botanical components make this one of a kind spirit highly sought after. Make sure to get yours before we run out. This…