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Address:The Beefeater Distillery,
20 Montford Place,
SE11 5DE
United Kingdom
Telephone:+44 020 7820 4200

In the urban heart of London it dates back to 1820 when a pharmacist, James Burrough used his skills in chemistry to invent a recipe of exceptional quality which inspired the London style dry gin we now call Beefeater. To this day Beefeater gin continues the traditions of excellence – every drop of Beefeater London dry gin is made in London in a distillery they took over in 1958 where you can smell the botanicals from the street below.

A Beefeater is actually a Yeoman Warder of the Tower of London who have guarded the Tower for 500 years and Beefeater share more than just a name with the Guardsman, they share the bond to London past, present and future.

At Beefeater they consistently make gin of exceptional quality and that’s why Beefeater London dry gin is the world’s most awarded gin. James Burrough’s first was back in 1873.

Desmond Payne MBE is the world’s most experienced master gin distiller

“It’s a practised skill and the creative process, developed over many years the senses are engaged. The nose, the pallet – my primary job at Beefeater is to maintain excellence and it’s really an old fashioned process – somethings don’t need technology.