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Production at Batch Gin began in the basement of a terraced house in Burnley, Lancashire. They are still based in the same town but now distill their spirits in a renovated mill.

Batch supplies boutique supermarkets, Booths, leading retailers and countless bars and restaurants across the country. Today they continue to experiment with botanicals and develop recipes to bring you new and interesting spirits.

Address:Batch Brew Ltd,
Unit 10 Habergham Mill,
Coal Clough Lane,
BB11 5BS
Telephone:+44 (0) 1282 709 154

Batch Signature Gin Brands

Batch Signature Gin

Distilled using 12 botanicals, with the most unusual being frankincense and myrrh. A bold, unique gin with flavours to match.

Batch Whinberry Gin Brands

Batch Whinberry Gin

A berry local to Lancashire, the whinberry takes centre stage in this gin. Steeped in Batch Signature Gin with a minimum of sugar, and aged in a former Cognac barrel, this is not what you’d expect from a typical sloe. A complex spirit which balances well with ginger ale, or splashed in prosecco.

Batch Industrial Strength Gin Brands

Batch Industrial Strength Gin

Awarded a Double Gold and Best Gin at San Francisco World Spirits Competition, Industrial Strength Gin is judged one of the best spirits in the world! Industrial Strength is the Batch take on a Navy Gin and a nod to the industrial heritage of Batch Gin's hometown, Burnley. An overproof twist on their Signature Gin, with less spice and increased…

Batch Gin Rummy Brands

Batch Gin Rummy

Batch Gin Rummy is a cask-aged spirit. Made by ageing Batch Gin in the same barrels used for Batch Innovations release #3 – Batch Sherry Cask Rum – they have created a spirit that can be drunk as a gin and tonic or as a rum and coke! With its unusual flavour profile, this complex spirit is a nod to…

Batch Lime Leaf Gin Brands

Batch Lime Leaf Gin

A Thai twist on the Signature Batch Gin recipe, Lime Leaf Gin is inspired by their love of Thai food and its vibrant flavours. It is a fusion of culture and flavour resulting in a refreshing, moreish gin.

Batch Buddha’s Hand Gin Brands

Batch Buddha’s Hand Gin

Inspired by classic Chinese flavours and balanced with traditional botanicals, Buddha’s Hand Gin is a fusion of East meets West. This recipe was developed on a journey to creating a gin for a client, which is now exported to China. Awarded a Bronze medal, San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018

Batch Jasmine Tea Gin Brands

Batch Jasmine Tea Gin

A delicate, floral spirit, Jasmine Tea Gin is distilled with a blend of Asian teas.

Batch Absinthe Gin Brands

Batch Absinthe Gin

This Gin is the first of its kind. Taking the classic flavours of the Green Fairy, Absinthe Gin balances a savoury flavour profile with juniper berries.

Batch Garam Masala Gin Brands

Batch Garam Masala Gin

A blend of spices including tamarind, fenugreek and bay leaf are combined with traditional botanicals to create this subtly spiced gin. Packed full of flavour, this gin has incredible depth and complexity.

Batch Long Yin Gin Brands

Batch Long Yin Gin

A merge of two worlds, Long Yin Gin is a blend of Chinese botanicals combined with traditional botanicals. This Gin is produced by Batch and exported to China.

Batch Halloween Potion Brands

Batch Halloween Potion

A fun take on a seasonal Gin, Batch Halloween Potion has a spicy botanical profile.

Batch Apple and Honey Gin Brands

Batch Apple and Honey Gin

Created for Rosh Hashanah and inspired by the tradition of dipping apples in honey, Apple and Honey Gin is sweet and delicate.

Batch Pear and Blackberry Gin Brands

Batch Pear and Blackberry Gin

Distilled and compounded, Pear and Blackberry Gin has the addition of a ginger and cinnamon syrup. A sweet spirit with an abundance of warming fruity flavours.

Batch Big Trouble Gin Brands

Batch Big Trouble Gin

Paying homage to the days when Batch was produced in the basement of their Distiller’s house, this gin is inspired by Shih Tzu, Lo Pan. The distillery dog would scratch at the floorboards from above to notify his master that the gin was ready. A contemporary London Dry Gin: Juniper forward with fresh citrus notes.