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Alcohols Limited / Langley Distillery

Alcohols Limited is a subsidiary of WH Palmer Group. It is a private family owned company founded in 1805 and is still family owned today. Two generations of the family are still active within the company. Our Gin Distillery is at Langley Green, South-west of Birmingham and the Langley Distillery site dates back to 1870, when it was operated as a brewery.

The site was converted to a distillery in 1920 and since this time award winning London Dry Gins have been produced using the traditional method of single batch distillation. Langley Distillery has 6 copper pot stills which are named after prominent female members of the WH Palmer clan.

Address:The Distillery,
Crosswells Road,
B68 8HA
Telephone:01279 658464

Alcohols Limited / Langley Distillery Brands:

Palmers Distillers Cut

A stunning one shot blend of 15 botanicals that have infused overnight to produce a unique gin. Early notes of juniper and coriander end up mingling with your taste buds leading to a mixture of herbs and spices with just a subtle hint of dryness. Sumptuous fresh and floral crispness coming from lily bulb and iris roots completes a subtle and smooth lingering finish.

Palmers London Dry Gin

The Palmers secret is our distinctive blend of seven carefully selected botanicals – a covert recipe kept close to the heart and safe by Angela’s son Adam and granddaughter Natalie. Each botanical is expertly weighed out by hand and placed, in a specific order, into the aptly-named still ‘Angela’ along with water and British wheat spirit. The mix of juniper berries, coriander seeds, cassia bark, liquorice root, angelica root, orris root and grapefruit are left to infuse overnight before being gently warmed to allow the botanicals to release their essential oils. During distillation the still Angela – a spirited lady – is nurtured to ensure only the heart of the spirit goes into Palmers gin. The resulting gin is pure grace, full in flavour, dry with a wonderful grapefruit curl that leaves you wanting more.

Further information:

Langley Distillery

This distillery, owned and operated by Alcohols Ltd is responsible for the production of 80 brands of gin, and created 40 million bottles. The company is one of the UKs last remaining independent family owned distilleries dating back to 1805. The Langley Distillery is in the heart of the Black Country. Details/arrangements of how to arrange a visit: Alcohols Limited have a number of copper pot stills (including Jenny, Right) and can arrange tours.   Langley Distillery – steeped in history The family-run Langley Distillery, situated in the early 19th century Crosswells Road brewery building in Langley Green, has been producing gin on site since 1920. Owned by Alcohols Limited, the distillery is one of the world’s largest independent gin producers, and makes around one million bottles of gin per week for over 100 brands, with no sign of it slowing down. Adam Wallis, Managing Director of Alcohols Limited and a Warden member of The Gin Guild, said: “The continued growth of the gin category across all sectors, in particular premiumisation of the spirit, means we remain very optimistic for the future. “Our investment in the business is ongoing and our collaboration with brand owners and ability to develop bespoke recipes in…