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Fifty Eight Gin

Born of a passion to experiment and with beginnings rooted in an unorthodox background, Fifty Eight Gin strives to create the best in hand crafted, premium artisan gin.

Traditionally distilled in small batches to ensure that every drop is perfectly balanced, Fifty Eight Gin continues its ambitious philosophy to become the gin of choice for elite bartenders and discerning consumers.

Address:58 Gin Ltd
Arch 329,
Stean Street,
E8 4ED
Telephone:020 30959734

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The Fifty Eight Gin bottle

Fifty Eight Gin

Fifty Eight gin is produced in a traditional manner using beautiful alembic copper stills. The distinctive smooth and clean taste of this gin is largely down to the single shot distillation process where the head and tail parts are cut off (the spirit produced first and last in distillation) leaving more of the heart. This removes any initial sharpness or…