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58 & Co is an eco-conscious, sustainably focused distillery producing exceptional IWSC award-winning spirits.

They will break down the traditional barriers of distilling, be inclusive and accessible, believing that in making spirits and drinks relatable we can grow the craft spirit movement in a sustainable and positive way.

Their philosophy is ‘Gin from the Heart’ and this translates into everything they do, from their commitment to reducing carbon footprint to producing sanitiser for front line services.

Address:58 & Co Ltd
329 Acton Mews,
E8 4EF
Telephone:020 30959734

58 & Co Brands

The Fifty Eight Gin bottle

Fifty Eight Gin

Fifty Eight gin is produced in a traditional manner using beautiful alembic copper stills. The distinctive smooth and clean taste of this gin is largely down to the single shot distillation process where the head and tail parts are cut off (the spirit produced first and last in distillation) leaving more of the heart. This removes any initial sharpness or…

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