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Rademon Estate Distillery

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Rademon Estate Distillery

In establishing Rademon Estate Distillery, Fiona & David Boyd-Armstrong created Northern Ireland’s first Craft Distillery. The inspiration came from Fiona’s passion to rekindle the lost art of distilling in Northern Ireland.

Shortcross Gin takes it’s name from their local village, Crossgar. In Gaelic or Irish, Crossgar means the “Short Cross”, so they are proud to have their village name on each and every bottle they produce.

Each Batch of Shortcross Gin is distilled in their unique Pot Column Stills. Their original still is a 450L Copper Pot-Column Still with two seven plate enrichment columns. The still was crafted by Christian Carl to their bespoke specification. In early 2018 the distillery commissioned a new 1,071L Copper Pot-Column Still to allow the development of new and exciting gin products.