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NÄO Spirits Distillery

From: NÄO Spirits

NÄO Spirits Distillery

Hidden away in the back corner of a massive bottling facility lies a tiny shed which the team at NAO lovingly call their distillery. What started off as a location to make sure their small guys stayed out of the way of the “real work”, has quickly turned into the place people hang around outside of, trying to get a glimpse of what is being worked on inside – or that’s what they believe at least.

NAO spirits’s distillery is the heart and soul of their little – quite literally, since their Copper Pot Still is called Agotha, which means “Good Hearted” in Hungarian (Hungary is where she was built). Agotha is also the reason they can call our Gin a London Dry, since it is a style which can only be made in traditional copper pot stills.

The distillery also happens to be the second home for our distillers who like to refer to themselves as the Guardians of the Gin (they don’t get out much). It is here that they distill, experiment, drink, chill, clean and sometimes even sleep.