Location and contact:

Address:74 Bedale Road,
North Yorkshire,
Telephone:01677 426467

Masons Distillery

Operated by: Masons Yorkshire Gin Ltd

With its traditional distillation method, Harrogate spring water and just the right balance of juniper, citrus elements and secret botanicals the team at Masons have finally created a distinctly unique gin they are proud to call Masons Yorkshire Gin.

Having a real passion for gin Karl & Cathy Mason launched Masons Yorkshire Gin on World Gin Day 2013, using an external distillery to help them launch the plan was always to start their own distillery as soon as growth/funds allowed, and 7 months after launch the first still was delivered to them.

Set on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in the market town of Bedale, Masons Yorkshire Gin were the first to establish a distillery in Yorkshire back in 2014, the year after they launched.

It’s very much a working distillery, housing three 300 litre alembic stills which currently distil 5 days per week and are usually surrounded by continual activity since bottling and labelling is also done on-site.

Despite not having visitor centre facilities the shop door is open Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. Visits are welcome and you can chat to the team who will happily let you sample gin, affectionately known as Steve & Leftie with our newest still provisionally called Katy (mainly because the distillery team weren’t sure how to pronounce the maker of the still, Kothe!).

Opening times – Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm