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Langley Distillery

From: Alcohols Limited

Langley Distillery

This distillery, owned and operated by Alcohols Ltd is responsible for the production of 80 brands of gin, and created 40 million bottles.

The company is one of the UKs last remaining independent family owned distilleries dating back to 1805. The Langley Distillery is in the heart of the Black Country.

Details/arrangements of how to arrange a visit: Alcohols Limited have a number of copper pot stills (including Jenny, Right) and can arrange tours.

Langley Distillery – steeped in history

The family-run Langley Distillery, situated in the early 19th century Crosswells Road brewery building in Langley Green, has been producing gin on site since 1920.

Owned by Alcohols Limited, the distillery is one of the world’s largest independent gin producers, and makes around one million bottles of gin per week for over 100 brands, with no sign of it slowing down.

Adam Wallis, Managing Director of Alcohols Limited and a Warden member of The Gin Guild, said:

“The continued growth of the gin category across all sectors, in particular premiumisation of the spirit, means we remain very optimistic for the future.

“Our investment in the business is ongoing and our collaboration with brand owners and ability to develop bespoke recipes in our laboratory allows us to remain at the forefront of the category.

Langley Distillery prides itself on using spirits of the highest quality and botanicals sourced from partners across the globe, and its stringent quality policy sets the standard for its clients’ global, award-winning gins.

Adam says: “When creating gin we work with brand owners at the start of their projects, from the initial designs and organoleptic profile. Throughout the process we work continuously with our Master Distiller Rob Dorsett, and use our expertise to produce award-winning gins for all palettes to enable perfect serves with tonic and as cocktails.”

The distillery, which is built over ancient water sources, produces London Dry Gin in copper pot stills ranging in size up to 12,000 litres and even has a trial 10-litre still to create samples of the spirit.

A rich tradition in gin distilling

The stills are all named after important females in the company. Jenny, at 12,000 litres is believed to be one the largest stills in Europe and is named after the daughter of the gentleman that taught Master Distiller Rob the trade, whilst Constance at 3,000 litres is named after his mother and Angela, at 1,000 litres is named after the daughter of company Founder, Walter Palmer.

The distillery’s newest addition, a 300-litre still, is named McKay in acknowledgement to the late Peter McKay, the previous Distillery Division Director, who died unexpectedly in 2014. It will help meet the demands of those with smaller requirements.

Adam said:

“McKay, a still dating back to the mid 1800s, has enabled us to offer a smaller batch option to meet the demands of discerning boutique brands.

“We also have a new 15,000-litre still in production, named Natalie after my daughter. This still confirms our commitment to the category and meeting the demands of the global market.”

For more information about the gin production services available at Langley Distillery call 01279 658 464.