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Hernö Gin distillery

From: Hernö Gin

Hernö Gin distillery

In 2014 Hernö built a new distillery and a visitor centre with the new copper still Marit in the centre of everybody’s attention.

The world’s most awarded gin is created in Dala, Härnösand, inspired by the nature in The High Coast of Sweden. Organic. Handcrafted. And perfect to enjoy neat.

Proud pioneers who started the first gin distillery in Sweden back in 2011. The distillery is situated on the countryside, in the small village Dala, near Härnösand. Inspired by the nature and the beauty of Dala, they use organic spirit made from Swedish winter wheat and water from their own well in Dala, naturally filtered by a geology created during ice age.

Here you will meet Kierstin, Marit and Yvonne. Hernö Gin is created in these beautiful hand hammered copper stills, named after three women forever linked by history to Dala and Hernö Gin.