Distilleria Deta

Operated by:Landdrea Gin
Address:Strada di Poneta,
Barberino Tavarnelle,
Florence, 50028
Telephone:+39 055 8073173


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Landdrea Distilled Dry Gin bottle

Landdrea Distilled Dry Gin

It is distilled following the traditional method with the use of the discontinuous distillation system and heating of the pot still (boiler) in a bain-marie.During distillation, the control of the head and tail fractions of the distillation is carried out. As a result, the final Gin has a higher alcohol content than the minimum established by the European regulation of 70.60% vol and usually is around 72%.The preparation following the distillation foresees a rest period in steel tanks and then the reduction to 43% degree with the addition of spring water and subsequently filtration at a temperature close to zero to ensure clarity and stability of the product.The preparation is natural with the use of alcohol from cereals, spring water, berries, juniper and other botanicals. The alembic is built in steel and copper, spring water is used, and layers of cellulose are used for filtration, therefore all-natural materials.There is no added sugar, dyes, stabilizers or artificial flavours.

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