Crossbill Distillery Operated by: Crossbill Gin

Crossbill Distilling
The Hatchery
Calton Entry
Glasgow, G40 2SB

Tel: 0141 237 4664



Crossbill’s purpose built facility at Barras Art and Design allowed them to expand and increase the volumes of each batch of Gin they produce.

This great space has also allowed them to start up a Gin School, offering customers the chance to sample straight from the still and to create their own custom Crossbill blends.

For more information on their Gin School, click here.

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Crossbill Gin

The multi-award winning Small Batch Gin, produced from just two Scottish botanicals, Juniper and Rosehip, hand-picked from the ancient Highland pine forests and taken to Glasgow to be distilled fresh in their copper pot still.
Crossbill Gin 200

Crossbill Gin 200

In the ancient pine forests of Scotland there are some rare plants which have been producing juniper for centuries, the grand dames of the highland forests.  So on discovering a specimen that is over 200 years old (in Scotland it's rare for Juniper to age more than 200 years) The team from Crossbill decided to do something very special to honour this time aged fruit and have used these berries to produce Crossbill 200 Special…

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Crossbill Gin

Crossbill Distilling is an established distiller with experience dating back to 2006. Gin production began in 2012 in Aviemore in the Scottish Highlands. In 2017 they relocated to the legendary Barras in Glasgow’s East End, where they distil their  range of Handcrafted Scottish Gins.