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Thunderflower Devon Dry Gin

This is Thunderflower’s original London Dry gin, and was developed to offer a contemporary, complex flavour with a spicy finish.

Despite the name, Thunderflower is not a floral dominant gin but it is more herbaceous and spicy in nature.

Aromatic, bold sage and heather combines with piney, peppery juniper and spices for a distinctive and enjoyably dry and savoury profile with great depth of flavour.

The gin is grounded in the earthiness of Angelica Root and liquorice, which also brings a natural sweetness.

Spicy notes coming from Green and Black Cardamom, Pink Peppercorn are wrapped in a blanket of warming Cassia Bark. A touch of citrus from Lemon Grass and light floral notes from Coriander Seed, Elderflower and Heather complete the balanced picture.

With such a full-bodied flavour profile their recommended garnish is simply a slice of lemon, and a plain tonic, which will compliment the savoury notes nicely.

42% ABV

Serve:G&T with a garnish of Lemon or Lime