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Kyrö Napue Gin

From Kyrö Distillery Company

Napue’s key components are deeply rooted in the very heart of Finnish nature. Cool as the Finnish summer night but with the heat of rye and the midnight sun, it is a gin unlike any other.

Napue is named after the village the gin is made in, using hand foraged botanicals including birch leaves, seabuckthorn, cranberries, and meadowsweet, which combine to give the scents and flavours of an early morning, misty Finnish meadow.™ flavour guidance

Intense and Oily

Finnish rye gin made from 100% wholegrain rye and fresh botanicals. The taste of a misty Finnish summer meadow.

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Fresh cranberries and rosemary twig

Ideal serve: Gin & Tonic


Information provided by brand owner. Framework provided by The Gin Guild.

Nose:Herbal and sweet, essentials oils of meadowsweet and gentle coriander
Palate:Full bodied, complex and herbal flavours
Finish:Pepper of rye, acidity of cranberry and tannins of birch
Serve:Gin & Tonic with Fever Tree Indian Tonic with Fresh cranberries and rosemary twig

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