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Mr Hobbs Gin

From Mr Hobbs Gin

Mr Hobbs Gin is a 45% distilled gin with strength and flavour. The mix of traditional and local botanicals create a distinctive taste reminiscent of old style ‘Export’ strength gins. The introduction of a curl of orange peel brings out the citrus notes and gives a complex, long and smooth refreshing finish.™ flavour guidance

Smooth and Citrus

Beginning with fragrant floral notes & soft marshmallow, zesty citrus adds clarity & bite amongst savoury juniper & sharp orris root.

Ideal mixer: Floral tonic

Recommended garnish: Curl of orange peel

Ideal serve: A generous amount of gin over good quality ice, paired with a premium tonic and a curl of orange peel.

Lime Flower

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Nose:Light & bright, with lime & lemon peel
Palate:Smooth & refreshing, with juniper & citrus
Finish:Long & refreshing, with citrus & earthy notes
Serve:Mr Hobbs suggests you pour a generous slug of his Henley gin over plenty of good quality ice, pair it with a premium tonic water and finish with a curl of orange peel to garnish.

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Mr Hobbs Raspberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur

Fresh British Raspberries have been introduced into this intensely flavoured Raspberry & Elderflower Gin Liqueur. The nose is full of ripe berries which continue onto the palate before a long and refreshing Elderflower finish.

Mr Hobbs Rhubarb & Ginger Gin Liqueur

Blended with the very best British rhubarb to produce a perfectly balanced gin liqueur. Summer fruits & herbs on the nose with well-rounded ginger notes and plenty of rhubarb on the palate.