Gin Brands

Kyrö Koskue Gin

Produced by: Kyrö Distillery Company

Koskue Gin is a cask matured gin with a lot of whisky drinking fans. Aged in small American oak barrels for 6–12 weeks and fine tuned with freshly distilled orange peel and black pepper that compliment the vanilla of the barrel and heat of the rye.

It’s perfect to be enjoyed neat, as an Old Fashioned or very short Gin & Tonic. For those who wonder: Koskue is a village and origin of river Kyrö.

Nose:Oak and orange with a hint of flowery summer meadow on the nose.
Palate:Honey, orange and pepper smoothly playing with oak.
Serve/garnish:Old Fashioned, Gin&Juice with cloudy apple juice, garnish with apple slice and vanilla.

Botanicals used in Kyrö Koskue Gin:

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