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Hope on Hopkins London Dry Gin

From Hope on Hopkins

Made using the London Dry one-shot method, this gin is distilled using a grain spirit with carefully selected botanicals including citrus, lemon verbena and – of course – juniper.

Excellent in a gin and tonic served with a twist of lemon and a sprig of rosemary; smooth enough for a martini. It is a South African take on a classic gin, with hints of citrus which complement rosemary and juniper.

Nose:Barley notes with pine, citrus and coriander
Palate:Classic citrus and juniper with some rootier elements emerging
Finish:A mellow floral finish, with lemon high notes
Serve:A gin and tonic with fresh rosemary and a zest of lemon, or a dry martini with a twist

Botanicals used in Hope on Hopkins London Dry Gin

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