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Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin

From Hayman Distillers

Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin reflects the style sold in the ornate ‘Gin Palaces’ in London and other English cities in the 1800s. It is rested in Scotch Whisky barrels for three weeks in keeping with the tradition that gin was sold from the cask rather than the bottle.

This was commonplace in England until the 1860s. The impact of the wood adds a subtle mellow note to the gin’s overall profile.

Nose:Aromatic with the characteristic notes of juniper and coriander with hints of mellow wood on the nose.
Finish:A full bodied gin with a finely balanced finish.
Serve:Serve in a classic tumbler with a premium tonic and a wedge of lime. Also perfect in a dry Martini.

Botanicals used in Hayman’s Family Reserve Gin:

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