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Golden Moon Gin

From Golden Moon Distillery

Golden Moon Gin is distilled using the finest herbs, spices and botanicals available, including wild-crafted mint and juniper berries, and locally grown herbs and botanicals from the Front Range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains near Golden Colorado in the USA.

Compared to other artisan gins, Golden Moon is unique and distinctive. It has a highly floral aroma and a gentle refined taste. It is smooth enough to drink neat and bold enough to mix well with other spirits, making wonderful cocktails.

Nose:Floral/Herbaceous with a noticeable lavender note.
Palate:Full and Round.
Finish:Herbs (Fennel, Coriander, Citrus and Mint).
Serve:We recommend as Excellent in cocktails such as a Nigroni or in a gin and tonic. Garnish with orange peel, mint or fresh lime.

Botanicals used in Golden Moon Gin

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