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Dodd’s Old Tom Gin

From The London Distillery Company

Dodd’s Old Tom was created by the London Distillery Company as a modern re-imagining of the earliest style of English Gin. Sweeter than other styles of gin and a firm favourite amongst cocktails lovers.

Dodd’s Old Tom instead celebrates the inherent natural sweetness of its hand-selected botanicals such as the subtle sweet notes of delectable liquorice root, which also lends this exquisite gin its luscious mouthfeel. The gorgeously herbal juniper structure and fennel seed aromas that meets the nose follow through with bright fresh lemon peel and bay laurel, met with floral notes of green cardamom and warm, rich, wood spice from angelica and black cardamom, which balance out that gentle sweetness for an elegantly warm finish.  

  • A liquorice-sweetened Old Tom
  • Citrusy notes from lemon peel
  • Spice from fennel seeds, green cardamom, black cardamom
  • Certified organic botanicals
Nose:Citrus and liquorice with a hint of fennel
Palate:Light, sweet spice from the liquorice
Finish:Juniper and citrus
Serve:On the rocks, negroni, wet martini

Botanicals used in Dodd’s Old Tom Gin

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