Dodd’s Organic Gin

Juniper-driven with bright, fresh lime peel in place of the more traditional coriander seed, this makes for a gin that is at once elegant and playful, invigorating and mellow – despite the higher ABV.

Verdant lime and bay laurel greet the nose, while the delightful mouthfeel and a delectable, subtle sweetness come from the addition of London honey collected from local beehives, imparting a creaminess that bestows floral notes of lime blossom and jasmine. This mellows the refreshing, earthy menthol notes delivered by lingering hints of bay and angelica, which in turn beckons an elegant finish of black and green cardamom with a tickle of soft spice and nectar from fresh red raspberry leaf.

IWSC Awards:

  • 2020 Silver award
Nose:Juniper, bay, slightly floral lime & honey notes, a hint of earthy menthol
Palate:Smooth & soft for the ABV with a good weight behind it, slightly honeyed mouthfeel carries bay leaf leaves nicely alongside the juniper
Finish:Fresh cardamom spice and lime
Serve:On the rocks with lemon, gin & tonic with lemon, martini, or negroni