Crossbill Gin 200

In the ancient pine forests of Scotland there are some rare plants which have been producing juniper for centuries, the grand dames of the highland forests.  So on discovering a specimen that is over 200 years old (in Scotland it’s rare for Juniper to age more than 200 years) The team from Crossbill decided to do something very special to honour this time aged fruit and have used these berries to produce Crossbill 200 Special Edition gin.

Produced using fruit only from this ancient juniper bush and the wild rosehip that grows around her and presented in a special edition bottle by Glencairn Glass, in a choice of either black or etched print, wax sealed, individually labelled and packaged in a letter pressed presentation tube. Each bottle features a map detailing the exact location of the single Juniper bush of which it is made and the OS coordinates.

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Bold and Fresh

A refined yet bold gin, bursting with the freshness of the highlands

Ideal mixer: Classic tonic

Recommended garnish: Orange peel

Ideal serve: Serve over ice with a good quality tonic and a flamed orange twist.

ABV: 59.8%


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Nose:Clean, fresh, juniper led
Palate:Soft, full bodied
Serve:Serve over ice with a good quality tonic and a flamed orange twist. with Orange peel