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Gin Brands

City of London Dry Gin

Produced by: City of London Distillery Ltd

City of London Dry Gin is dry and robust with juniper to the forefront and citrus notes, and has a finish which is smooth and medium bodied. The botanicals used are juniper, coriander seeds, angelica root, liquorice root, fresh lemon, fresh orange and pink grapefruit.

Nose:Pungent piney juniper with zesty pink grapefruit, orange and lemon aroma, with subtle notes of sage and parma violet.
Finish:Lingering piney juniper, citrus and subtle peppery spice aftertaste.
Serve/garnish:We recommend as Serve cold with wedge of fresh pink grapefruit.

Other gins produced by: City of London Distillery Ltd

City of London Christopher Wren Gin

Christopher Wren Gin has been designed by expert Master Distiller Tom Nichol. This premium gin combines the subtle flavours of juniper, coriander, angelica root, liquorice and sweet orange, to give a complex gin that balances quality and flavour. Double Gold…

City of London Old Tom Gin

City of London Old Tom Gin is considered to be an authentic Old Tom; the taste is lightly sweetened and combines a hint of warm spice flavour with lingering zesty citrus notes.

City of London Sloe Gin

The City of London Distillery's Sloe Gin's has a lovely deep red colour and has strength and depth in its fruity flavour. It has won several awards, including the IWC 2014 (International Wine and Spirits Competition) and a Gold medal…

City of London Square Mile Gin

Historically, The Square Mile was brimming with distillers, with one in every five houses being either a distillery or bar. The Square Mile Gin from the City of London distillery is made using eight botanicals to create a "great citrus"…