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Canteen Honey Gin

From Puddingstone Distillery

At Puddingstone Distillery, in Tring, Hertfordshire, they teamed up with the wonderful folks at George Street Canteen in St Albans to create a gin using honey from their own beehives.

The hives are situated in the café garden which has a stunning view of St Albans Cathedral and gives the bees, access to large green spaces such as the adjacent Verulamium Park, which, at over 100 acres, is host to a huge variety of plant species.

They opted NOT to infuse the honey into the gin post-distillation as this often results in a final product that can be sweet and one dimensional. Distilling allows an extraction of characteristics which better reflect the assorted flora from which the honeybees collected pollen.™ flavour guidance

Refined and Floral

A balance of sweet, crisp floral notes with distilled, herbaceous honey set against tart rosehip, sharp citrus and resinous juniper

Ideal mixer: Classic Tonic

Recommended garnish: A slice of lime

Ideal serve: A Simple G&T


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Nose:Juniper, floral, perfumed
Palate:Zesty, fruity, herbaceous
Finish:Bittersweet, crisp
Serve:A Simple G&T with a slice of lime

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