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Campfire Old Tom Gin

In considering how an 18th centuryrural distiller might approach thecreation of an ‘Old Tom’ style gin,the team at Puddingstone Distillery married a unique botanical selection with pot distillation and compounding processes to deliver notes of spice, juniper and citruswith a hint of colour and sweetness without the use of sugar. History respected and re-imagined.

Sometimes it seems that some things were just meant to be. During the development of the distillery, Ben discovered that his great grandfather worked in the wine & spirits industry until a ripe old age. The distinguished gentleman, one Thomas Marston, was affectionately known by his peers as Old Tom.

Campfire Cask Aged Gin makes a pretty awesome negroni but Campfire Old Tom Gin is more than equal especially if you make their Old Bold Negroni recipe using a double measure of gin!

IWSC Awards:

  • 2022 Bronze award
Serve:A Gimlet