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Campfire Navy Strength Gin

Whilst the botanicals remain anchored to that of our London Dry, the quantities and pre distillation treatments are adjusted to give you big bold flavours and aromas that balance out the heady 57% ABV. This not only coats your palate, it caresses the inside of your whole head.

2017 London Craft Distilling Expo “Gin of the Year”

Gin-Note™ Flavour Guidance

Bold and Resinous

A deceptively smooth juniper forward gin that is big in every facet. Will cut through in any cocktail

Ideal mixer: Aromatic tonic

Recommended garnish: Fresh Grapefruit

Ideal serve: Gimlet

ABV: 57%


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IWSC Awards:

  • 2022 Silver award
  • 2021 Bronze award
  • 2020 Silver award
Nose:Plump resinous juniper, date, red fruit and citrus
Palate:Rich juniper coats the palate allowing citrus, rooibos and hazelnut to contribute. Smooth.
Finish:Piney juniper all the way
Serve:40ml Campfire Navy Strength Gin, 100ml Fever-tree aromatic tonic, 3 cubes ice, half grapefruit wheel, covered in brown sugar and caramelized to garnish. Old Fashioned glass.