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Campfire London Dry Gin

From Puddingstone Distillery

Fresh orange and juniper take the lead in this complex London Dry that pitches itself on the boundary between classic and contemporary. Angelica contributes a subtle earthiness, with rich mid notes imparted by rooibos and golden berry. A lingering sweet, slightly floral, juniper palate lingers after each sip. A stunning Martini Gin.

ADI 2017 Bronze Medal Winner

Nose:Orange, Juniper
Palate:Citrus, Juniper, Earthy
Finish:Sweet, nutty
Serve:40ml London Dry Gin, 100ml Fever-tree Indian Tonic, 3 cubes of ice, fresh orange or rosemary sprig to garnish. Old Fashioned glass.

Botanicals used in Campfire London Dry Gin:

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