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Bosford Rose is gluten-free and distilled with the same botanicals used in the original Bosford London Dry Gin recipe, created in 1948 and long-popular across Europe.

This gin consists of juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon and orange peel. It is then blended with strawberry and raspberry flavors and a hint of sugar that gives Bosford Rose a light sweetness to soften the sometimes-bitter taste gin is known for, making it appealing to both loyal and non-gin drinkers alike.

Palate:It boasts a fruity, balanced flavour, designed to thrill the palate of today’s sophisticated consumer who likes to explore new and interesting flavours,
Serve:Designed to be enjoyed as a spritz with lemonade, a cocktail with Martini & Rossi ® Prosecco and strawberry garnish, or an exciting twist to a classic gin and tonic, Bosford Rose aims to become the go-to drink for young urban millennials and female cocktail enthusiasts.