Gin Brands

Bedrock Gin Export Strength

Retaining all the wonderful satin smooth flow of Bedrock (40%) the Export Strength version (46%) adds a fuller botanical experience where the juniper arrives a little later but lasts longer on the palate.

Bedrock Export Strength is a stronger London Dry gin made with spring water from the western Lake District. This 46% bottling highlights the subtle juniper and citrus elements for which their gin is renowned.

Nose:Classic London Dry nose with more intense juniper and citrus being the predominant flavours.
Finish:The flavours build with the juniper arriving later and lasting well into the intense, dry finish.
Serve:Savour its classic strength for a different experience on the palate embracing an explosion of complex flavours and culminating in a finish of lingering intensity - in short, a bolder Bedrock.