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Batch Whinberry Gin

From Batch Gin

A berry local to Lancashire, the whinberry takes centre stage in this gin. Steeped in Batch Signature Gin with a minimum of sugar, and aged in a former Cognac barrel, this is not what you’d expect from a typical sloe. A complex spirit which balances well with ginger ale, or splashed in prosecco.™ flavour guidance

Bold and Berry

With oaky notes, the result of being aged in a Cognac barrel, this fruity gin has a flavour profile with interesting depth and complexity.

Ideal mixer: Ginger Ale

Recommended garnish: Wedge of lime with frozen mixed berries

Ideal serve: Gin with ginger ale

Cinnamon, clove & cardamom

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Nose:Spiced fruit
Palate:Fruity, with depth and hints of oak
Finish:Warming spice
Serve:50ml Whinberry Gin, over ice. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with a wedge of lime and frozen mixed berries