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What’s in a name? Does size matter? Marketing spin or material consideration? - Ginposium 2015

Nate Brown

The issue of Artisan/Craft claims.

Nate Brown co-runs The London Bar Consultants, set up in 2012 with the aim of shifting the benchmark for industry standards from Service to Hospitality.

He has spent the last decade consulting and educating people on world of Hospitality, dissecting and decoding the mechanics of the industry. The strongest weapon in his arsenal however, is knowledge. Years of experience are demonstrated in his cocktail bar in the heart of the City of London, Merchant House.

Merchant House is a celebration of the shared mercantile history of the two wonderful spirits upon which this great empire was built.

From wild juniper fields to exotic sugar plantations and spices, the spoils of history have all been touched by British hands. It is only fitting that Merchant House houses the world’s most premium Gin and Rum offering ever assembled under one roof.